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Beginning in 2016, the program will be called CLIO Health, which is more inclusive of the diverse industry landscape.

Deadlines & Fees:

To help entrants prepare for 2016, all entry deadlines have been announced: Deadline 1: July 15th Deadline 2: August 12th & Final Deadline: September 9th

Mediums & Entry Types:

New entry types include: Direct to Professionals & Direct to Consumers
For the first time, Student medium types have be added to the CLIO Health program


CLIO Health is proud to introduce the Independent Agency of the Year Award, which will be given to the privately owned agency that receives the most overall CLIO Health statue points for entries submitted across all medium types.


CLIO Health is proud to reveal the 2016 Jury, which is comprised of some of the world's leading creatives.
Jeremy Perrott
Executive Jury
Jeremy Perrott, McCann Health
Elizabeth Elfenbien
Executive Jury
Elizabeth Elfenbien, The Bloc
Christian Bauman
Executive Jury
Christian Bauman, Health4Brands
Stephanie Berman
Executive Jury
Stephanie Berman, The Bloc
Scott Carlton
Executive Jury
Scott Carlton, Saatchi & Saatchi Wellness
Kathy Delaney
Executive Jury
Kathy Delaney, Saatchi & Saatchi Wellness
Tina Fascetti
Executive Jury
Tina Fascetti, Guidemark Health
Peter Matheson Gay
Executive Jury
Peter Matheson Gay, Weber Shandwick
Mike Hartman
Executive Jury
Mike Hartman, W2O Group
Tim Hawkey
Executive Jury
Tim Hawkey, Area23
Rich Levy
Executive Jury
Rich Levy, FCB Health
Diane Iler-Smith
Executive Jury
Diane Iler-Smith, Ogilvy Healthworld
Guy Mastrion
Executive Jury
Guy Mastrion, Brandforming
Lois Moran
Executive Jury
Lois Moran, JUICE Pharma Worldwide
Stephen Neale
Executive Jury
Stephen Neale, AbelsonTaylor
June Laffey
Executive Jury
June Laffey, McCann Health
Graham Mills
Executive Jury
Graham Mills , Publicis Healthcare
Mike Rogers
Executive Jury
Mike Rogers, Serviceplan Group for Innovative Communication
Chris Palmer
Executive Jury
Chris Palmer, CDMNY
Diana Littman Paige
Executive Jury
Diana Littman Paige , Marina Maher Communications LLC
Debra Polkes
Executive Jury
Debra Polkes , CDMNY
Xavier Sánchez
Executive Jury
Xavier Sánchez , Umbilical
Robin Shapiro
Executive Jury
Robin Shapiro, TBWA\WorldHealth
Andrew Spurgeon
Executive Jury
Andrew Spurgeon, Langland
Eric Weisberg
Executive Jury
Eric Weisberg, J. Walter Thompson


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