Mediums and Categories

Entries will be judged within each respective medium (ex: Billboard, Radio, Interactive) Work submitted in multiple categories requires a separate entry form and fee for each entry.

CLIO reserves the right to move an entry from one category to another if it is submitted into the wrong category.


Mediums refer to the type of media used to promote a product and include the following:

Entrants must select a medium before selecting entry types or categories.

Entry Types:

Entry types refer to the product which is being promoted. There are 6 entry types for CLIO Healthcare:

  • Pharmaceutical – products requiring a physician’s prescription
  • Veterinary – any product or service geared toward animal health
  • Devices & Diagnostics – surgical supplies and tools used for measuring or testing
  • Disease Awareness – education about the diagnosis and/or treatment of a particular disease or condition
  • Over the Counter (OTC) – healthcare products typically available in a pharmacy that do not require a physician’s prescription
  • Health Services & Corporate Communications – hospitals & clinics, health insurance & health services and corporate communications for the healthcare industry.


Categories describe the specific execution of the promotion within a medium. For instance, a promotion designed for the iPad may be categorized as an App under the Interactive medium. A promotion designed for the side of a bus may be categorized as Transit under the Out of Home medium.


Campaigns can be entered in the following Mediums:

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