Audio, Audio Technique, Film & Film Technique Jury

Managing Partner & Executive Creative Director

Executive Jury: Chris Palmer

New York

Chris’s career in advertising started as an embarrassment.

After spending his 20s as a touring musician, Chris entered the world of advertising and was quickly put to work on several OTC brands, including Gas-X (flatulence), Perdiem (constipation), and Lamisil (jock itch and athlete’s foot).

Chris’s experience and embarassement deepened when he joined CDM New York and was put to work on the launch of Zelnorm, a Rx product for irritable bowel syndrome.

During this time, he learned how to: 1. Avoid explaining to others what accounts he worked on. 2. Stifle the occasional giggle. 3. Write ads—lots and lots of ads.

Soon, however, Chris’s cocktail party banter received a significant upgrade when he was asked to lead the Lipitor team. Suddenly, he found himself unexpectedly satisfied in his role stoking the creative fires behind the world’s biggest pharma brand.

As time moved on, so did Chris’s responsibilities and he grew surprisingly proud of the work he guided for even more brands, including Caduet, BenGay, Viagra, Xarelto, Victoza, Zyvox, Onbrez, Seebri, and all of Novo Nordisk’s insulin brands. And he positively beams when he looks back on the global launches he has overseen for clients such as Pfizer, Merck, Novo Nordisk, Bayer, and Novartis.

The subject matter may have been touchy from time to time, but the work was always great. Heck, some of it even won awards. And that makes even his parents proud.

Chris has a BA in English from Ithaca College and is the proud father of an 10-year-old boy.